The Countryside Code

(modern version)

    Be safe – plan ahead and follow any signs
    Leave gates and property as you find them
    Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home
    Keep dogs under close control
    Consider other people



Be safe.

It often rains a lot in this area. We average 80 – 100 inches of rain each year. A coat & some good boots are usually a good idea.
Do consider your fitness & any medical conditions, the hills can be quite energy sapping. We’ve had to give out chocolate to a struggling diabetic before now.
Bring a good mode of navigation with you – that usually means map & compass. Make sure the map is up to date – we once had to help out a lost group of pensioners whose maps were over 40 years out of date!
Don’t rely on your mobile phone – signal coverage can be very patchy.
Don’t touch the electric fencing on the farm – it is signed and you probably don’t want a hair raising experience.


Gates & Property

Please leave all gates as you find them.
Please don’t climb over fences or force locked gates. We take significant effort to ensure stiles & gates that should open are in working order.
Don’t feed or interfere with any livestock – it can be dangerous for you both.
Please don’t disturb ruins, they’re a historic heritage and you may also injure yourself.
If you think there’s something wrong, do tell us. You can tell us directly if we’re out working near the footpaths or you can use the contact form on this website.



There’s some quite rare species in the locality, both plant & animal. Please don’t disturb them, pick them or dig them up.
Please clean your pets & footwear between different outings – there are various plant diseases that can be easily spread.
Protect against fire.
Please take any litter home with you.



We like dogs but it is important that they are under control, as follows:
By law your dog must be under control so that it does not disturb livestock or wildlife.
Under control usually means on a short lead whilst near livestock, otherwise to heel whilst on a public path.
Farmers are permitted to destroy a dog that is worrying stock. Several local farmers are known to do so.
If in doubt of your dog’s behaviour, please keep it on a lead.
We have seen unruly dogs scare other walker’s children to tears on the footpaths – this is unacceptable & anti-social.



Please don’t block gateways, tracks, etc with your parked car. There’s plenty of good parking in the village picnic site.
If you could see your way to spending some money with the local community, that would be very fine; thank you.

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