Butterfly Season update – Aug 2017

So far we have the general feeling that the year has been a reasonably good one for the local butterflies.

If you are out enjoying the local countryside this August, here’s a little summary of which butterflies we’re seeing across the farm at the moment and which were about earlier on this year.

There are currently large numbers of Peacocks around with their stunning bright markings (see the headline image above) and also a generous number of Red Admirals (photo below).

A Red Admiral butterfly about to take off

We’re pleased to some adult Comma (photo below) feeding on flowers & hope that by leaving a few small nettle patches, we’re helping this now recovering species. There are still Speckled Wood to be seen, often flitting in the sunnier patches of the woodland paths. There are also some Green-veined White on the wing and a few Wall & Small Whites as well.

A Comma butterfly feeds on a Buddleia flower.

The main numbers of Meadow Brown are now tailing off, as is the presence of Ringlets & Small Skippers. We seem to be low on Small Tortoiseshell this year and haven’t yet spotted the Small pearl-bordered Fritillary or Silver-washed Fritillary but that’s not to say that they haven’t just managed to hide from me! I believe I’ve spotted a Small Copper recently but it wasn’t a good view, so can’t be certain. Orange Tips were around earlier in the year but they have now finished for the time being.

Not a butterfly, but worth mentioning, I have noticed a few Hawk moth Caterpillar around and these large fellows are well worth a look if you’re lucky enough to spot one.

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  1. AnnMarie says:

    Updated post gallery to include images from today of Wall & Speckled Wood butterflies.

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